Professional Makeup Lessons

Are you seeking professional makeup and hair styling services in the Greater London?
Helen Artistry delivers top-notch expertise lesson to your needs.

Level 1 - Basic Makeup Lesson

4 Hours –  £250

This lesson is suitable for all beginners

• Understand your skin type: oily, dry, normal, combination & sensitive
• Understand professional makeup tools
• How to select the most suitable makeup for yourself
• How to make your foundation look flawless
• How to apply eyeshadow perfectly
• How to apply eyeliner like a pro
• How can you put on eyelash extensions & properly use an eyelash curler
• How to apply Golden Ratio Eyebrow Mapping

Level 2 - Advanced Makeup Lesson

4 Hours –  £250

This lesson is suitable for those with basic makeup knowledge and want to learn advanced level

• Follow up of level 1 section
• How to diminish dark circle, freckles and acne
• Choose the perfect colour palette for Blusher & Lipstick
• How to contour and sculpt your face by working on shading and highlighting
• The trick of putting on eyelash extensions
• Special techniques for occasion makeup. e.g. smoky eyes

Bring a friend to enjoy a group discount! Please contact for details.

Note: Prices are reference for Greater London area only. Please contact for quotations outside of London.